Sunday, May 21, 2006

Grey Jay - Victoria Day Weekend

In the Newfoundland forest, the Grey Jay is a beloved, well known bird. Its official name was Canada Jay until recently, since its range is mostly confined to the Canadian provinces. It is a non- migratory bird. Because of its fearless behaviour towards people living and working in the forest it has earned many local names of which Wiskey Jack is the best known, said to come from the mispronunciation of the Indian name "wiss-ka-tjon" or "wis-ka-chon" turned into "whiskey-John."


Charlie said...

That's a great detailed shot. You must have a powerful digital cam. I only recently bought a 6mp 6x optical zoom, and have not done alot of picture taking yet, but am not sure if it will give me the fine detail such as yours.

Kekiinani said...

This is just a beautiful image. I love the background colors and the detail that you captured in the bird and feathers. Not to mention it just a really really cute bird!! :)

Unknown said...

Hey John:
You keep putting your photo bar out of my reach! I like the challange as well as your consistant ability to get it right. I'm thinking I might go with a link to your photos with out hearing from you? Most sincerely, KennethF
ps: I too think I should use my tripod... more, I'm trying to speed over thin ice? ~(:-_))-kfh