Tuesday, June 13, 2006

End of Day - Arnold's Cove

During the occasional summer, the Newfoundland government allows it's citizens to partake in a summer recreational "food fishery". We purchase 15 tags at the local post office and off we go to catch our 15 codfish. On one such venture, after a successful day of fishing in Placentia Bay, I photographed this colorful scene just after we had finished fishing for the day. Incidently, my brother caught a 32 pound cod on this trip and as the "captain", I claimed 2nd prize in a local fishing derby. Such large fish are very rare, but first prize was taken by a 36 pounder !

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Genevieve Netz said...

I can't imagine catching a 32 lb. (or 36 lb.) fish! The largest fish I've ever caught was about 8 lbs., and it was a very rare thing for me to catch anything near that size.