Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fishing Room Near Salvage

Fishing Room - a tract or parcel of land on the waterfont of a cove or harbour from which a fishery is conducted; the stores,sheds, 'flakes', wharves and other facilites where the catch is landed and processed.

- Dictionary of Newfoundland English -Story et al


Robert Hiscock said...

Great pic. It's my hometown -- Happy Adventure. These store houses don't exist anymore and the coastline has been altered. I was sad to see it change.

Tudorw said...

Hi Rj,

Thanks for the update and fixing the location. I photographed this quiet scene some years ago at a time when I was sloppy with my documentation.

Karen said...

Very nice, I haven't been to Salvage!

Oh, and to answer your question about the signature on my pictures, I add text in Paint Shop Pro.

Unknown said...

Hey John:

The sky color is wind blocked out of the bay's reflection adding quite a bit of feeling to the already pristine point. Thanks for taking time to stop and it's always a reward to see your photos! Sincerely, KennethF

Anonymous said...

I have been brousing through your blog and your photographs are outstanding. It is also very educational and one really gets a feel for where you live and the history behind it. I live in Northern Ohio and someday hope to visit your wonderful area. Best wishes. Beverly

Genevieve Netz said...

I am happy to see others stopping in and enjoying your beautiful photos. Thanks for posting them.