Monday, June 12, 2006

SS. Florizel at the Ice Fields

The SS Florizel was the flagship of of the Red Cross Line owned by Bowering Bros. of St. John’s. Built in 1909, the ship was used as a sealing vessel for many years and later plied a passenger service between St. John’s, Halifax and New York. In 1914 the SS Florizel transported the first 500 volunteers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment to the Front. One stormy night while approching St. John's on February 24,1918, the ship was wrecked off Cappahayden with a loss of 94 souls. This tragedy became one of the most significant marine disasters in Newfoundland history.

From my historic ship collection - photographer unknown.


Genevieve Netz said...

That's a great photo. I really enjoyed seeing it. It was still a very young ship when it went down.

I can see why you call it "ice fields.".

Jane D said...

Hello, I have a copy of this photo; the printed inscription reads:
"The S.S. Florizel, Built in 1909
At the icefields in 1911, the Florizel was used as a sealer at the icefields for many years, she was wrecked one stormy night, Feb. 24th., 1918 at Cappahayden and 94 of the passengers and crew lost their lives.

Kat said...

Wondering if you ever got more information on it, I have the same print and is it worth anything?

tudorw said...

Print is not worth anything except the cost of the printing.

tudorw said...

Also my photo is a real photo not a print !