Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gannet Colony - Cape St. Mary's

Cape St. Mary has the second largest gannetry in North America, the other being on Bonaventure Island off Quebec. As you can see, it is a spectacular place where you can see thousands of these graceful birds hunting for caplin and other small fish . The top third of Bird Rock is covered with 500 nesting pairs of gannets. The lower cliff face is home to 12,000 pairs of common murres and kittywakes. As you can well imagine, the air is filled with a cacophony of sound. In the distance, you can see Bird Rock Light at the head of the cape.

Take me back to my Western boat.
Let me fish off Cape St, Mary's.
Where the hagdowns sail and the foghorns wail,
With my friends, the Browns and the Clearys.
Let me fish off Cape St. Mary's.

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