Monday, February 05, 2007

Rising Tide Theatre

Throughout the summer Rising Tide Theatre's summer company of over 40 theatre professionals produce the "Summer in the Bight" Festival in Historic Trinity. This festival consists of a series of evening and dinner theatre performances that celebrate Newfoundland's rich culture and heritage. The performances are presented in the Rising Tide Arts Centre, a replica of a 17th century fish store.

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Ardentía en Finisterre said...

I was serching information about lighthouses in land's end of the world (byron bay in Australia, cape town in South Africa, Faro del fin del mundo in Argetina, Cabo Finisterre in Spain...) and i found your blog.
It seems to be a precious place, the Newfoundland island.
I live in Madrid (capital city of Spain), and is the opposite way of live.
So, i relly enjoyed your photos. Very nice.

Thanks and good bye!