Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fog Bound in Saint-Pierre

During a weekend visit to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, I searched for the ubiquitous Saint Pierre dory, a big Banks dory with a high bow and stern. These boats are quite sturdy to withstand the angry seas of the North Atlantic but they also show a certain utilitarian elegance. Unlike the 1980's these colorful boats have now been replaced with modern aluminum boats with their outboard motors. I did find four of the old dories but I am saddened that these French islands are slowly losing their European charm.


Karen said...

Love your 2 photos of St. Pierre.....I spent a semester studying there when I was in university. I must correct you, though, it's Isle aux Marins, not Isle des Marins.

Tudorw said...

Thanks Karen,
I have corrected the Isle des Marins. I kind of like the old name also - Isle Aux Chiens.