Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ocean Fury

The wind was young and the sea was old,
But their cries went up together;
The wind was warm and the sea was cold,
For age makes wintry weather.

The Wind and the Sea - Paul Lawrence Dunbar


Victoria Pittman said...

Beautiful photos.
May I ask what equipement you are using?

I'm enchanted by the idea or exploring Newfoundland next year and your blog is very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,

You will love Newfoundland. The weather and scenery are very changeable and therefore dramatic for photos. I use a Nikon Digital SLR with interchangeable lenses and sometimes a point and shoot camera. I took a look at your website. Your photos show a great photographic eye. I'm looking forward to being blown away by your own Newfoundland images. Thanks for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are exceptional. We are working on storyboards for the Shearstown Estuary located between Bay Roberts and Spaniard's Bay. We would like to use your photo of a Blue Flag Iris on one of our storyboards for people walking trails in the estuary.

The storyboards will be 24” x18” and placed along the estuary. When the design of the storyboard is complete with the blue flag iris, we will send you a copy.
Here is a link to information about the estuary: -

As a not-for-profit group we do not have funds to pay you, but we will place your name with the photo.

Please contact us at:

Allyson said...

The drama! This one is just beautiful.
Happy New Year, I look forward to checking into your blog to see what you've captured. I am so glad you have this blog.

Unknown said...

Hey John:
I'm so pleased to see that you back up with more fabulous photos! Good health to you & yours for the New Year... Sincerely, ~(:-_))-kfh

ps: I suspect your leg work exceeds most of your dark room drama?