Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chapel Hill Road - Deer Lake c1926

My hometown of Deer Lake received its name from the lake you can see in the background of this vintage photo. The first European settlers who came here, not having seen caribou before, called them "deer". Caribou could be seen crossing the lake from north to south in great numbers on their annual migration south; hence the name Deer Lake. As Mrs. Adella Boyle recalls, "When I came here in 1925, there were huge herds of caribou and deer. You could watch them cross the lake. As the first of the herd would reach the opposite bank, the last of the herd was just entering the water."

On the right side of Chapel Hill Road looking towards the lake, log cabins were built for the employees of the power plant operated by the Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Company. You can just see the front of the closest cabin - "Wilton's Cabin". In the 1960's these cabins were stll standing but you could not tell them from regular houses because they were clapboarded over.


Karen said...

How cool, and you can just see the Power House there. I am from Deer Lake, too. I have to forward this to my brother and sisters.

Sheila LeRoux said...

My mother was born in 1927, she grew up the second house on the right on this road, You can see the roof of the first house, theirs was just next door but more off the road :)

Jamie said...

This is my hometown as well. Amazing to see things as they first were when the town had its beginnings.