Friday, April 05, 2013

Birds of Newfoundland - A Rare Book

In 1941 the Government of Newfoundland commissioned Harold S. Peters and Thomas D. Burleigh of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to prepare a book on Newfoundland birds. Its purpose was three-fold: to be a ready reference source on Newfoundland birds, to be of use in Newfoundland schools and to acquaint Newfoundlanders and others with the bird life of Newfoundland. Peters and Burleigh compiled information on 227 birds and their work was published in 1951 by the Newfoundland Government as The Birds of Newfoundland.

Athough much of the information in this book regarding the present status of our avian friends is dated, the book is full of interesting facts and is a must have book for anyone interested in Newfoundland Birds. It is out of print and sells on the second hand market for approximately $75.00 if you can find a copy !

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