Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lonely House in Trinity

Trinity, Newfoundland, is a historic fishing village along the shores of Trinity Bay. Most of the buildings are heritage sites. This elegant house is said to be the oldest house in the community and has recently been rehabilitated by new owners.

"Trinity charms visitors on at least two accounts. Many newcomers are struck by the natural beauty of the area, a magnificent harbour and the splendid maritime setting. Others are touched by a powerful sense of history (Old Worldliness) and the pride of place instilled by the cultural landscape."
- The Story of Trinity -- Gordon Handcock


Karen said...

Fantastic lighting and sky! I took a picture of that house last week when I was out there.

Tudorw said...

Hi Karen,

I seem to be following your footsteps. I took this photo last Friday at 7:00AM. The quality of the early morning light was reward enough for leaving the comfort of my B&B bed.


Genevieve Netz said...

Wow. That is a gorgeous photo. Really beautiful!