Friday, September 08, 2006

Heart's Content Lighthouse

The Heart's Content Light was established in 1901 at the northern entrance of the community harbour. The 3o foot tower is a round cast iron structure painted in a red and white candy cane pattern. The lightkeeper's house and other station buildings have long ago been demolished. Nearby, in the community of Heart' Content,the first Trans-Atlantic cable was landed on July 27th, 1866. A museum, commemorating the role of the town in transatlantic communication brings many visitors in the town.


Unknown said...

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newfiesan said...

Very nice blog. Heart's Content is my hometown. Seeing the lighthouse was such a nice surprise. Awesome job.

suzyq1956 said...

Wonderful picture. My dad was born in the house that was attached to . His father was the lighthouse keeper of this lighthouse. Would love to have any pictures you have especially if they show the older version with the house attached.

June said...

The light house in Heart's Content has been in my family, the Warrens, since it was erected in 1901, up until the 1960's my mother being the last keeper. I would like to know who Carol's dad was who was supposedly born there.
My day was born there in 1908. I am very interested!