Sunday, September 24, 2006

The War at Our Doorstep

With the outbreak of World War II, St. John's Harbour became an important staging point for convoys and warships crossing the Atlantic to Great Britain. In December 1942, the Canadian government installed two artillery guns below the Fort Amherst Lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour. In 1943, German submarines mined the waters ouside the well protected harbour resulting in the loss of an American freighter and a British ore carrier .

Today, the battery is in ruins but it remains a reminder of how the war touched the residents of St. John's from 1939 to 1945.

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Unknown said...

Hey John,
Just stopped by to catch up on your newest posted photos. Wonderful!
I have been meaning to tell you that many lighthouse operators enjoy amateur radio, as I do. Once a year there is a world radio get together contest that is usually interesting.
I have talked to many lighthouse caretakers over the past 40 years as there occupations seem to make them excellent conversationalists.
Later, Ken ~(:-_))-kfh