Monday, November 10, 2014

Ptr. Walter Messervey, Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1916

June 24, 1916
Dear Mother,

Just a postal to let you know that we are leaving for France tonight at 9:30 PM.  I am still well hoping this will find you the same at home. This is some photos I had so I send them home. It was no use to take them with me. The other one is pay day at the Race Course, Ayr. I can’t tell you where I am amongst them because he took us and we did not know he was taking us. Give my love to all my bro. (brothers) and little sister. Also my love to yourself and Father.  Don’t  worry  mother, I will try to look out for myself. So, bye bye for this time, Mother.

From your loving son.
Pte. W. Messervey

On the back of two post cards, I found the above letter from Pte. Walter Messervey to his mother. He was 22 years old in 1916 and was fortunate, indeed, to have  survived the Great War.  After the war Walter returned to Sandy Point and lived out his life there until his death on December 7, 1967. 

Please remember the courage and sacrifice of these men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment -"we must not forget".

As a aside, I do not know which of the two soldiers is Pte. Walter Messervey.

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