Monday, November 03, 2014

Wild Horses of Sable

Sable Island, 300 km south-east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is renowned for its wild horses and shipwrecks. The island has a fascinating geology and natural history that reflect the challenge of surviving wind, waves and isolation. On a summer's day in 2013 I had the privilege  of sharing this island with these gentle creatures if only for a little while.

That day, I watched this small family of horses standing  amid  the marram  grass attending a tired pony. I was touched by the serenity of the scene contrasting with the harsh reality of living in an unforgiving environment. These wild horses were quick to accept me into their world and I was able to discover and capture a gentleness in their noble character.

Although not strictly a Newfoundland theme - wind waves, island and a resemblance to the Newfoundland pony begs a certain recognition.

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