Saturday, June 10, 2006

Resting Dog Team - Deer Lake Circa 1927

There were no roads to the pioneering community of Deer Lake in 1927. Travel was by narrow gauge train on the Newfoundland Railway which ran east to west joining St.John's to Port Aux Basques. In winter time, it was horse and sleigh or dogteam.

Communities on the great Northern Peninsula were dependant on coastal steamers and schooners to deliver mail and supplies in summer but in winter, mail was brought by dog team along a small coastal trail to Bonne Bay and then to Deer Lake to catch the train.

This photograph taken by my grandfather - Aneurin Tudor Williams.

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Karen said...

Cool. I'd love to see some other old pictures from Deer Lake. I have a few from my mother, she grew up in Deer Lake and lived with her parents in the logging camps some times.